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Scotland's leading community sector networks have joined together as the Scottish Community Alliance in order to  campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland.

The Alliance has two main functions - to promote the work of local people in their communities and to influence national policy development. We email regular briefings to our supporters on both these themes. More about us here...

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2 July 2014

Recent reports of the underhand tactics employed by Wonga to recover debts– sending letters from bogus law firms to customers threatening legal action – had a depressingly familiar ring in the amoral world of banks and financial services. The incident has renewed calls for action to curb the scourge of the pay day lenders and, as usual, credit unions are being touted as the most attractive and likely alternative. The Government, Church of England and others are proposing a radical restructuring of the credit union movement in order to displace the pay day lender from the market place.  But many credit union insiders believe the plan is ill conceived and reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what credit unions do - which is to encourage thrift amongst their members just as much as it is to lend money. What’s more, this restructuring would almost certainly squeeze out of existence Scotland’s network of smaller, volunteer run and community based credit unions. They argue that pay day lenders, like food banks, are only the symptoms of a much deeper malaise which is that too many people are living with poverty. If we focussed on that, Wonga would wither on the vine.

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The country's leading community based networks have joined together as the SCA to campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland

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