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Scotland's leading community sector networks have joined together as the Scottish Community Alliance in order to  campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland.

The Alliance has two main functions - to promote the work of local people in their communities and to influence national policy development. We email regular briefings to our supporters on both these themes. More about us here...

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24 September 2014

Until recently, my understanding of politics was largely framed by party politics, with political parties and memberships being inextricably linked. But with membership of the main UK parties running at an all-time low, they now face a serious challenge of legitimacy. Without an active membership, can a political party really claim to be any more than a collection of disembodied ideas?  This lack of legitimacy and credibility with the electorate is a big problem in British politics but if nothing else, last week's referendum reaffirmed that politics is first and foremost about people.  In particular, the proliferation of hundreds of self-organising groups that sprang up spontaneously around the country, all working to their own agendas and each one beyond the command and control of traditional political leadership. While many within this loose coalition of front line activists may seek formal political expression, as evidenced by the remarkable surge in membership for the parties that coalesced around the Yes campaign, it seems unlikely that this new political force – if that’s what it is - would permit itself to be co-opted entirely by party machinery.  Whichever way it goes, the face of Scottish politics looks set for a major shake-up. And not before time.

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The country's leading community based networks have joined together as the SCA to campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland

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