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Scotland's leading community sector networks have joined together as the Scottish Community Alliance in order to  campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland.

The Alliance has two main functions - to promote the work of local people in their communities and to influence national policy development. We email regular briefings to our supporters on both these themes. More about us here...

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19 November 2014

People of a certain age and with an active interest in rural Scotland usually have two responses when an organisation called Rural Forum comes up in conversation. The first is to wince at the painful memory of its messy demise in 1999 and the second is to acknowledge its undoubted contribution when in its prime. It’s often said that the gap left by Rural Forum remains unfilled and that rural Scotland has been the poorer for it. While some have tried (and failed) to make the case for bringing it back, the landscape on which Rural Forum once operated has changed out of all recognition. Which is why the recent gathering of 400 people in Oban for Scotland’s first Rural Parliament may prove a significant moment.  As the dust settles on what was generally considered to be a success, the big question is what happens next? Three days of debate and discussion were skilfully distilled during the final session into these five big asks of Government. And throughout, two issues were raised time and time again.  The lack of fast broadband. A massive frustration. And local democracy. People want more control over local affairs. Let’s see what happens. 

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The country's leading community based networks have joined together as the SCA to campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland

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