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Scotland's leading community sector networks have joined together as the Scottish Community Alliance in order to  campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland.

The Alliance has two main functions - to promote the work of local people in their communities and to influence national policy development. We email regular briefings to our supporters on both these themes. More about us here...

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22 April 2015

When the First Minister announced that she was committed to a programme of radical land reform, you could almost hear the trenches being dug by the opposing forces.  As one side waves the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and what they regard as their trump card - the individual’s inalienable right to property – the other rehearses the moral, economic and historic case for reform. Now, somewhat late in the day, the field of human rights has emerged as a potential framework that could provide the direction and legal focus for this complex and polarising debate. Community Land Scotland organised an event recently in the Scottish Parliament, inviting experts in the field to consider these questions. The outcomes were revealing. Firstly, in as much as human rights have been a feature of the land reform debate, the arguments on all sides have been generally ill-informed and largely based on a misrepresentation of the legal facts. And secondly, while it has always been assumed that the human rights argument would act to constrain the progress of land reform, ironically it may prove to be the catalyst for a programme even more radical than anyone has imagined. Interesting times ahead.

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The country's leading community based networks have joined together as the SCA to campaign for a strong and independent community sector in Scotland

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